Parking in a blue zone (parking disc zone)

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  • Wat is het?

    Do you want to park in a parking disc zone (blue zone)? Then you are obliged to use a parking disc. The blue zone is intended to prevent long-term parking.

    The maximum parking time is shown on the traffic sign near the zone.

    With an exemption you can park longer in the zone. You can apply for an exemption:

    • In Schijndel: if you live or work in this area.
    • In Veghel: if you live in this area.
    • In Sint-Oedenrode no exemptions allowed.

    Apply for, renew or extend exemption (DigiD or eIDAS)

    You can apply online with an European log-in method.

    A fee will be charged for the parking zone exemption.

  • How to

    Complete the online application form for blue zone exemption. To complete this form you need:

    • a copy of the vehicle registration; and
    • in the case of a lease contract: a statement from the employer

  • Payment

    A fee will be charged for the parking zone exemption

    Exemption type Fee in euro's
    Blue zone exemption fee
    Application for a new exemption for private individuals € 92,-
    Application for extension of exemption for private persons € 47,-
    Application for a new exemption or extension for companies € 107,-
    Replace or change exemption for private individuals and companies
    € 31,-

    The other fees are stated in the fee regulation.

  • Additional information

    If you have a parking space on your own property, you will not be eligible for a parking exemption for the blue zone for the first vehicle.

    An exemption is granted for a maximum of two calendar years or a part thereof. If the exemption had almost expired, you can submit an online application again.